Alan Fildes, Temple of Ramases II, Tomb of Niankhpepi, Tomb of Ihy

Egyptian Sites

This section will introduce you to archaeological sites in Upper and Lower Egypt. Many you will already know of and some I hope will be of interest. Some are included just because I like the images and, more importantly, the memories they evoke for me. - Alan Fildes

The Coffin of Khnum Nakht
The Stela of Hotep
Painted Limestone Relief
Of King Nebhepetre Mentuhotep
The Tomb of Meresankh III G7530/7540
The Family of Senenmut Tomb
Temple of Ramases II at Abydos
The Tomb of Niankhpepi
The Tomb of Ihy
Saqqara Map
Postcard from Egypt 1
Postcard from Egypt 2
Postcard from Egypt 3
Son of Ramases?
Nemes Archive of Journals
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