Alan Fildes, Temple of Ramases II, Tomb of Niankhpepi, Tomb of Ihy
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Egyptian Sites

This section will introduce you to archaeological sites in Upper and Lower Egypt. Many you will already know of and some I hope will be of interest. Some are included just because I like the images and, more importantly, the memories they evoke for me. - Alan Fildes

The Coffin of Khnum Nakht
The Stela of Hotep
Painted Limestone Relief
Of King Nebhepetre Mentuhotep
The Tomb of Meresankh III G7530/7540
The Family of Senenmut Tomb
Temple of Ramases II at Abydos
The Tomb of Niankhpepi
The Tomb of Ihy
Saqqara Map
Postcard from Egypt 1
Postcard from Egypt 2
Postcard from Egypt 3
Son of Ramases?
Nemes Archive of Journals
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