12th Dynasty
Daughter of the Great Amenemhet III, the constructor of the Labyrinth.

Builder of 2 pyramids:
Dahshur (Amenemhet is beautiful)
Hawara (Amenemhet lives)

  Near the southern pyramid at Hawara his beautiful daughter was buried (2 km). First noticed by Labib Habachi in 1936. Not excavated until April 1956.
Ground water covered upto 80% of the tomb. When the sarcophagus was finally opened it was also filled with infiltration water up to 10cm of the lid. Iskander and director of the Cairo chemical UXB (thankfully decided to save for analysis a quantity of the intrusive muddy water).
Infiltration water had totally covered the sarcophagus upto the lid, every inundation for 3,800 years or so. The water was annually renewed for millenia, leaving by 1956 just 5 cm of debris. Due to chemical analysis it was determined a burial had taken place, you see why the water was so important.

Neferuptan died before her father Amenemhet III was initially buried at Hawara in her father's pyramid, then moved to her own pyramid on completion.

Honoured by Cartouche after death.


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