The Pyramids Alan Fildes - Egypt Pyramids
Photo courtesy of Michael Shepherd
Nothing can prepare you for the magnificence and serene splendour of the Giza pyramids. The immense size, coupled with an awareness of the ingenuity and labours that propelled these wonders of the ancient world to completion.
From the very first sighting through the high-rise buildings, miles away, they command respect, to the drive past the Mena House Hotel at the foot of the plateau when profound admiration is the order of the day.
Over the years, since my first sojourn to Egypt in 1979, I have visited all the pyramid sites in Egypt: from Abu Rowash in the north (Lower Egypt) to Elephantine in the south, (Upper Egypt). Several sites are very difficult to gain access to, some due to excavations and some just down to their isolation.
Each individual site has its own aura. Many of the less well known sites have little to see, other than ground plan, etc. but all are a testimony to man’s ingenuity
El Kula Khaba
Neferuptah Neferirkare
Khafre Huni
Amenemhet III Senwosret II
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