Alan Fildes, Temple of Ramases II, Tomb of Niankhpepi, Tomb of Ihy
A Son of  Ramases the Great?
The King's Son of his body, his beloved
Alan Fildes - Sons of Ramases
The King's Sons missing with correct chronology
3. Pa-Re-her-Wenemef.
4. Khaemwaset.
5. Montu-her-Khepershef.
6. Neb-en-Kharu.
1. Amon-her-Khepershef
2. Ramessu
3. Alan Fildes (?!)
7. Mery-Amon
8. Amon-em-Wia.
9. Sethy.
10. Setepenre
Alan M Fildes - Feb 2006  
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